We offer two finishing options for our tops. All of our finishes are food safe and the finish that you choose will depend on how you will use the tops and where it will be placed. It is highly recommended to at least apply a food-grade mineral oil finish, especially on orders that ship. If you still want to order an unfinished top, the warranty coverage is limited. Information regarding warranty can be found here.

Mineral Oil

If you plan to use your top as a cutting surface in your home or commercial kitchen this is the best finish to choose. Mineral oil is a non-drying finish and will need to be reapplied frequently over the life of your top. This finish is food safe.

2k poly

This type of finish is specially designed for interior wooden surfaces that are exposed to heat and moisture. It is the perfect choice for countertops, bar tops, restaurant tables, conference room tables or dining room tables. This is our recommended finish for tops that will be adjacent to sinks or for other surfaces that you do not plan to use for direct cutting and chopping. This finish is food safe.

Our 2K Poly finish is produced in Italy in a zero-emission facility dedicated to designing finishes that reduce indoor air pollution and lower environmental impact. This finish is 100% formaldehyde free and odor free. It is among the most durable, scratch resistant and water resistant finishes on the market today. It uses Thick Film Technology to produce a finish that provides a thicker protective layer on the wood and will not yellow as it ages. Another advantage is the flexibility of the finish which will move with the wood to prevent unsightly micro-cracking and splitting. The 2K Poly finish provides better clarity, meaning that the full beauty and color of the wood shines through.


For local customers, home installation is available. If you are installing the top yourself, we offer a few tips but always recommend contacting a professional to ensure that your top is properly installed.


The top should be securely fastened to the cabinet base with appropriate length wood screws. Most cabinets come with corner blocks for attaching the countertop to the base. Pre-drill pilot holes and position the top on the base. It is recommended to use undersized screws with a washer to allow for natural wood movement.

If any cuts are made to adjust the top for size or for sink or appliance cutouts, the newly exposed edge must be immediately finished.