Countertop Information

It is important to read and understand the following information to get the best out of your new hardwood top. On our end, great care and craftsmanship goes into creating a top that is beautiful and durable. The information provided below will help maintain your top for years to come.


When you order a top from us it will be made exactly to your specifications with a +/- allowance of about 3/16". It is highly recommended to at least apply a food-grade mineral oil finish especially on orders that ship. If you still want to order an unfinished top, the warranty coverage is limited.  

Wood Movement

Once your top leaves our shop, it will need to acclimate to its new environment and you may notice slight movement. This is a completely natural occurrence. Typically, the expansion or contraction of the wood will occur along the width and the likelihood increases as the width increases. Once the top acclimates and the moisture content equalizes, it should straighten out. When installing a newly delivered top, you may want to wait a few days for the acclimation to occur. Always allow for natural expansion and contraction of your top once installed.

Extreme humidity or dryness may exaggerate expansion and contraction enough to potentially cause small cracks in the wood. If desired, fill these small cracks with matching wood filler.


It is always recommended to consult a professional with installation.

Wood screws, with washers,  are recommended to securely fasten your top to its base. Pre-drill holes into the underside of the top before mounting. It is not recommended to directly affix the top to a solid base as this will not allow for air circulation. If you plan to do this, allow a minimum of 1/16" of space between the surface and the underside of your top. When installing, make your drill holes larger than the screw size, this allows for natural movement of the top to occur. Failure to allow for this movement can result in splits or cracks in the wood or along the glue line. For any block that is modified in any way by a customer after delivery, a finish must be applied to the cut end. We will provide you detailed information on the finish used for your reference.

Care & Maintenance

Clean your top like you would any surface, not allowing water to stand on the surface for any length of time. For best results, clean finished surfaces with soapy water or commonly available kitchen countertop cleaners. Do not use abrasives or powder cleansers. Do not use bleach to clean your top. Wipe up any spills immediately.

Finished tops are ready to use and will not require any sanding or additional finishing. The typical finish is clear and oil based. To properly maintain these kinds of tops, use applications of mineral oil or a wood paste wax.