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Clean your top like you would any surface, NOT allowing water TO STAND on the surface for any length of time. For best results, clean finished surfaces with soapy water or commonly available kitchen counter top cleaners. Do not use abrasives or powder cleansers. DO NOT use bleach to clean your top. Try to avoid water puddles for long periods of time and wipe up spills and excess soap immediately.

Your counter top is ready to use when you get it home and does not require any sanding or additional finish. Most of our tops have been coated with a clear, oil-based finish. To properly maintain your top use mineral oil or wood paste wax. If any cuts are made in the top to size it, it is recommended to immediately apply finish to avoid warping.

Your top may take on moisture in the transportation from our shop to your home. As a result, slight and allowable, warping may occur and the block may expand as much as 3/16” in width (the block should not change in length). Once the top has become adjusted to the new environment, the moisture content will equalize and the top should straighten out. It is recommended to consult a professional for assistance with installation.



Hand clean your board prior to first use.

White vinegar diluted with water is the perfect disinfectant and cleaner for your board. Keep a spray bottle of at least 30% vinegar to water handy for easy cleaning and sanitizing.

Towel dry your board immediately after cleaning and allow your board to fully dry before storing.

Do not use bleach to clean your board.

Fresh lemon juice or baking soda are good alternatives for odor elimination and removal of stains that are typical after cutting dark berries.

Always clean any cutting surface immediately after working with raw meats.


DO NOT continuously run your board under water.

Not intended for use outdoors.

Never allow your board to be left on a wet surface. Keep your board away from extreme heat sources like the stove.

Do not put your board in the dishwasher.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO OIL YOUR BOARD.  We recommend once a month. Pure mineral oil should be applied regularly and is available at most hardware stores. Apply liberally to all sides and edges and allow oil to soak in overnight. Wipe off the excess. Never use olive or vegetable oils to condition your board as they can become rancid.